"Nick is a very good and patient golf instructor who immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel ready for the challenges ahead. I was really struggling with my golf but with Nick's help, I am beginning to make progress."
Heather Boobyer

" I was recommended to Nick after becoming somewhat desperate with my driving. I found his approach extremely helpful, no nonsense & straight forward. In a short time he made my game steadier & a lot more enjoyable."
Patrick Farmer

Nick has taught me how to play golf as I went to him before I had ever held a club in earnest. I am often complimented on my swing and this can only be accredited to Nick who has clearly given me the essential basics required in Golf from grip to posture. He is patient, positive, encouraging and spends time getting to know you so that he can personalize your lesson. I have recommended him to many of my fellow golfers who are also very happy to receive his professional advice.
Suzanne B

When I first met Nick I had been playing golf for three years and couldn't shoot better than a 105 at my club. Less than 12 months later I was regularly shooting 95. Within 24 months 90. My best score is now 85 and I firmly believe there's an 80 in me. My improvement rests squarely on Nick helping me to finally understand the golf swing. First in very simple terms then by gradually building up the complexity of the lessons as and when I was ready for it
Mark Rayner

Thanks for the tips- will come back when I am next in London . If I can play like that in the wind you really will be a miracle worker

I played my best game ever at my home club, shooting an 81, including doing the back nine in +1.
It was the forward Can you let him know that he cost me 2.1 shots on my handicap, I was 17.2 and now I am tees and no wind, but nonetheless I won the competition by 3 shots.
What a result- what a teacher!
Please pass on my thanks.
I was absolutely delighted.
Niall O'Sullivan

I have used other Golf Professionals but I can not recommend Nick enough. He has a very good understanding of the golf swing but works hard to helps me to develop MY GOLFSWING!! He works hard to get me to feel the adjustments to my swing and always listens and when I can't feel it he finds a different approach or drill to help. Having been using Nick for over a year I know my swing has improved and when my swing does not feel right a quick visit to Nick gets it back on track!"
Sean Taylor

"Nick IS a great golf coach - he uses what you have and makes you better rather than a 1 size fits all approach. I would recommend Nick to everyone."
David Grammer

I would recommend Nick to both beginners and the low handicapper. He has a relaxed, flexible teaching style and instills confidence in you. He reviews your strengths and weaknesses, videos your swing and works with you to help you understand the golf swing and why the mistakes creep in.
His practice drills really help and enable you to replicate it on the golf course. As soon as I am having a 'low' period I book a few lessons and he gets me back on track. He is the best coach I have had.
Sharon Hawtin

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